Roy Gough - Author  The first things to consider are, why do you want to write such a book and secondly, who do you want to read it.

If you truly have had an interesting or unusual life, make a list of all the suitable events that you can remember, adding to it as things come back to you. Then, every day, sit down and write up one event.

When you have exhausted you memory, put the list in its correct order and, starting at the beginning, gradually work your way through the stories, improving and correcting as you go.

During the writing various titles will come into your mind, list them as you go and when the work is finished select the most suitable one. At the same time, re-examine the first and last chapters and make sure they are outstanding.

Writing a book about what they consider to have been an interesting life is what many people yearn to do and I often hear the words, “I’ve got a good story inside me and one day I’ll tell it”. However, in most cases their life is nothing out of the ordinary and, as a famous writer once said, “The story is best kept inside them!”
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