Roy Gough - Author  Definitely not! It has taken me more effort to get things published as it has to write them.

This is particularly the case with novels. For example, I approached about one hundred publishers and agents before I was lucky enough to get a publisher for Emissary To The Gods. Virtually all the publishers said that they would only accept new work from literary agents, while the agents all said that they would only accept work from established authors - a catch 22 situation!

Having obtained a publisher for Emissary To The Gods I worked hard with the editor, also at the publisher’s insistence and with great difficulty I reduced the number of words in the book from 130,000 to 85,000, as he considered that this smaller size book was more saleable. I then looked forward to seeing my efforts in print – but it was not to be! After controlling my work for three long years the publisher announced that, due to the financial crisis in the UK, the printed book industry was collapsing and he was going into liquidation so would not be publishing my book. To say that I was gutted would be an understatement.

Shortly afterwards the publisher changed his mind and announced that he would in future only publish books in electronic form, or as E Books and that he would be prepared to publish my book in this form. However, if I agreed to this manner of publication he would require me to sign a new contract giving him all the rights to the book, including the film rights - which were of particular significance to my book. In addition, as well as prohibiting me having any printed copies made without his permission, he would take the major part of any profits while I paid any costs incurred.

I was aghast at these harsh conditions and declined to sign the contract, then handed over publication of this book and all my other books to my son, David Gough who lives in SW France, is an expert in IT and has previous experience of E Book publication. And so it then was that, within weeks of changing my publisher, my book ‘Emissary To The Gods’ has now been published on KINDLE through Amazon and my son has obtained printed copies for me to use at book signings etc. My son’s Webpage is HERE. At the same time, my daughter Carole Anne Videan who is a Consultant Technical Author in the UK agreed to edit and format my future books. You can imagine what a relief this was to me after the disappointing experience with my main stream publisher.

On a lighter note however, I have found it easier to get articles published in newspapers and magazines, but the main thing with them is to be patient and persistent.
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