My Professional Career by Roy Gough  A great many articles in newspapers and magazines on all sorts of subjects, including regular contributions to the Hereford Computer Club Magazine when I was a member of that club.

I have ghost written many pieces for other people, who have then had them published.

Extracts from an article outlining my experiences as a Police Superintendent in charge of policing at a coal mine in Nottingham during the Miners Strike in 1984 were published in 2009 in The Police Review, a national magazine. The complete account of this event entitled ‘Mine Was The Honour’ has now been included in my book ‘A Policeman’s Lot Could Be A Happy One’ that is shortly to be published.

When travelling in Australia during the late 1990’s I wrote numerous articles describing my adventures and experiences and these were published in local Australian newspapers. A selection of them were later turned into a book and published to raise money for Leominster Hearts In Action, a cardiac support group in my home town. Further examples were then included in my book, ‘Australia, A Land Of Peace And Adventure’ that is shortly to be published.
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