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  A Policeman's lot 'could be' a happy one This book consists of approximately 26,000 words, with each of its ten chapters relating to an unusual but amusing event involving the author during his thirty-three years as a mid-twentieth century policeman. It commences with a ‘Forward’ that briefly outlines his life in the Police Service from the time he joined it as a sixteen years old cadet in 1953 and retired as a superintendent after serving in the Metropolitan Police, the Military Police, the Surrey Constabulary and the Bedfordshire Police. The ‘Forward’ also explains how a fictional character, Constable Arthur Entwhistle, is used to bring the stories together. All the stories show examples of the bizarre antics that otherwise ‘normal’ people got up to before the days of mobile phones, hand held computers, DVDs and electronic games. Without being stuffy they also reveal a great deal about police procedures during that time.

The large amount of direct speech used in the stories brings them to life, whilst the momentum kept in each one ensures that the reader continually feels involved.
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