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An historical action novel, this book describes the struggle by the Celts of Western Britain to survive Roman repression. It links Caratacus and ‘The Fox’ to this early crusade, which was dominated by the tribes of South Wales. Caratacus was the greatest of Celtic war-leaders, whilst ‘The Fox’ was a high ranking Druid Priest who shared the same period in history and whose body was found in a peat bog at Lindow Moss near Manchester Airport in 1984. Fox had been sacrificed in AD 62, as an emissary to the gods to beg them to stop the ethnic cleansing of Wales, the Marches and the Druid Order. More about Lindow Man The book relates the story of Caratacus and ‘The Fox’ as they fought the Romans to a standstill when they invaded Wales and the Welsh Marches. As well as describing the pride and ecstasy of their personal lives and loves, it also provides a window through which the horrors of Roman repression are witnessed.

The story ends with a graphic account of the religious killing of ‘The Fox’, when he was sent as an emissary to the gods to beg them to stop the annihilation of the Druid religion and butchery of the Western Celts.

Together with action and adventure, the book contains scenes of love, romance, religious ceremony, magic, mystery, betrayal and heartache. Following the true course of history, it gives a picture of life as it was in Western Britain following the Roman invasion.
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