Emissary to the gods Who should read this book and why?   Home   The Story Potential Readers The book should be read by:- The people of Wales, Anglesey and the Marches where the main events took place, also the people of Lancashire, Yorkshire, Norfolk and Colchester where significant events took place.

The many people in Britain and the old British Empire who are of Celtic descent.

People who enjoy reading a book filled with action, adventure, love, romance, religious ceremony, magic, mystery, betrayal and heartache.

Students of Celtic history.

Producers of films.

Leaders of public opinion in Wales.
They should read it because:- They live in an area where either a main event took place, or where a significant event took place.

Their demand for more information about their ancestors has recently mushroomed, so the story would be of great interest to them.

They would have the pleasure of reading a good story.

It would give them a further insight into the lives of the early Celts.

The story is so vibrant that it would make a ‘crowd-puller’ film.

The promotion of Caratacus would provide a much wanted national hero for the people of Wales , who at the moment are struggling to obtain a national identity. It would do for that country what Mel Gibson did for Scotland in the film Braveheart.