Emissary to the gods Readers comments   Home   The Story Readers comments Gillian Keates, BBC local radio This is not the style of book that I would normally be drawn to read but I found myself devouring the pages to find out what happened next and the battle scene was so vivid and well written that I felt as though I was almost there and could see and smell the carnage. A cracking good read. K. Humphreys, Editor of The Post, Alicante. I found it a pleasure to read this book which told me a great deal about the lives and loves of the Celts of Wales and the Welsh Marches. It contains a fascinating account of how the tribes of Wales were united for the first time in history. A must read for anyone interested in the past lives of the people of Western Briton. Carole Anne Videan, Manchester. This account of the probable life and death of The Fox deeply affected me emotionally and I feel very close to him as he was sacrificed and now lies near my home. The writer has really brought his story to life and I couldn’t wait to turn the page to find out what happened next. Christopher Harvey, Cardiff, South Wales. Well done for giving such a graphic account of our local hero, Caratacus, a great man and a great Celt. Reading the book brought me very close to him and I joined him in his triumphs, both in war and in love. I would have preferred to have seen a happier ending and the freedom from Roman enslavement of the Welsh people, but of course the book was based on fact. Sylvia Irvin King, Valencia. I have known Roy Gough for many years and during that time encouraged him to write this fantastic book, a book which when one starts to read it is unable to put down, It is full of mystery, intrigue, love and hate while telling the struggle for survival of the Western Celtic tribes, their lives, loves and deaths. It also gives the reader an insight into the way of life so many years ago, I know it has taken Roy many years to research and pen this wonderful story, which I am convinced will become a best seller for Historians and anyone interested in the Celts to enjoy. Karen Moulson, Alicante. I found the account of The Fox’s training at Anglesey to become a Druid Priest quite fascinating and I particularly became engrossed in the part describing the capture of the gold from beneath the ground in South Wales The description of how prisoners hacked the precious metal from the earth was so realistic that I felt that I was down there living in the narrow tunnels deep below ground with them. A very interesting read. Anthony J Barnett Roy, I hope loads of people give your story a read when it finally hits the market. It's a frustrating time waiting for your work to appear in print. Your book certainly does the business for me. I look forward to the publication date. Readmore