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  The Daily Life Of The Early Celts of Briton This book describes how the early Celts lived in pre Roman Briton. It contains chapters covering: Celtic Society & Background; Celtic Tribes; Celtic Warriors and Warfare; the religion of Druidism and the power of the Druids; Celtic Agriculture; Hillfort Construction and a Hillfort Schedule; Romano-British Herefordshire. The book is not an academic exercise, but a detailed account about the early Celts. As an experienced investigator and a Celt myself, I unearthed a lot of information whilst extensively researching their lives. History and archaeology is full of different ideas and points of view, so using my legal background I have followed the balance of probabilities when there has been any conflict. During my research I have reviewed and consulted every book on the subject that I could find, visited museums, Celtic Centres, hillforts, goldmines and modern representations of Celtic life. It has been a fascinating journey for a retired senior police officer to discover that his Celtic surname means ‘Cattle Thief’!   Back The Story