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Emissary To The Gods
    This is an historical action novel that describes the struggle by the Celts of Western Britain to survive Roman repression. It links ‘Caratacus’ and ‘The Fox’ to this early crusade, which was dominated by the tribes of South Wales.
    Caratacus was the greatest of Celtic war-leaders, whilst ‘The Fox’ was a senior Druid Priest who shared the same period in history. His perfectly preserved body was found in a peat bog near Manchester Airport in 1984 and now lies in Manchester Museum. Fox was sacrificed in AD 62, as an emissary to the gods to beg them to stop the ethnic cleansing of Wales.

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Australia - A land of peace and adventure
    Following his retirement in 1993 after 42 years enforcing the law in the police service and as head of security for an international company, for health reasons Roy become a regular visitor to countries with warmer winters, including three winters spent in Australia. He had many adventures during these three winters in Australia and a sample of them is included in this book. All of the adventures were very different, but due to the magic of Microsoft the end of the final adventure, which was of a romantic nature, was even more different.

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A policeman's lot 'could be' a happy one
    The book commences with a ‘Forward’ that briefly outlines the author’s life in the Police Service from the time he joined it as a sixteen years old cadet in 1953 and retired in 1986 as a senior superintendent after serving in the Metropolitan Police, the Military Police, the Surrey Constabulary and the Bedfordshire Police. The ‘Forward’ also explains how a fictional character, Constable Arthur Entwhistle, is used to bring the stories together.
    All the stories show examples of the bizarre antics that otherwise ‘normal’ people got up to before the days of mobile phones, hand held computers, DVDs and electronic games.

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The Daily Life Of The Early Celts of Briton
    Describes pre Roman Briton: Celtic Society & Background; Celtic Tribes; Celtic Warriors and Warfare; the religion of Druidism and the power of the Druids; Celtic Agriculture; Hillfort Construction and a Hillfort Schedule; Romano-British Herefordshire.
    A detailed account about the early Celts. I unearthed a lot of information whilst extensively researching their lives. During my research I have reviewed and consulted every book on the subject that I could find, visited museums, Celtic Centres, hillforts, goldmines and modern representations of Celtic life.

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