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A Celt himself, Roy was born in the Marches area at Leominster, where he lived until the age of sixteen. As a boy he frequently wandered the hills surrounding this market town and became aware of the necklace of earthwork forts around it. Fascinated by these forts and the people who lived in them so many years before, he eventually terminated his professional career and devoted himself to unraveling their secrets.

Describing himself as 'a student of Celtic history', Roy is the first to admit that unravelling the cloak of mystery enveloping the early Celts has not been easy. Extensive police investigative experience, a natural ability to interpret obscure facts and participation in local historical and archaeological associations has, however, helped him in his work.

Although initially intending to write a straight forward account of how the early Celts survived Roman oppression, ‘fate’ forced the name of the greatest of Celtic war leaders upon him. This was of course ‘Caratacus’, who was even lauded in Roy’s old school song.

Whilst switching his concentration to Caratacus, fate again took a hand. In 1984 the body of a man was found in a peat bog at Lindow Moss near Manchester Airport and he was reported to have been killed around AD62 in a Druidic sacrificial way.

His fox fur armband suggested he was a Celtic aristocrat known as ‘The Fox’, while the manner of his death suggested he was a high ranking Druid Priest who was dispatched to the gods to beg them to stop the Romans annihilating the British Celts.

With both men living through the turbulent years of the Roman invasion they would have obviously been known to each other. Roy has therefore placed The Fox in the position of spiritual guide and adviser to the great war-lord and enabled the reader to share in their battles, loves, lives and deaths – particularly their deaths!

Throughout his career, Roy developed a talent for factual writing, but when preparing ‘Emissary To The Gods’ he found it necessary to develop other writing skills. Examples of these are shown below.

(a) A journey through my childhood Leominster - A graphic account of life on the wrong side of the tracks during the first half of the Twentieth Century.

(b) A description of two heart attacks he died from in 1995 but, ‘Foiling The ‘Grim Reaper’, he had out of body experiences and saw beyond the grave.

(c) A change of lifestyle - The story behind his move from the UK to Spain in search of a warmer winter climate, the problems he encountered and how he overcame them.

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